Who we are!!

Anarchists according to the US Government or any person supporting the Government are a group of people who believe in Anarchy (a society full of chaos and mayhem, a society having no form of government or rules.) But, have you ever truly thought about what an Anarchist might say to this or maybe what an Anarchist definition of themselves is? An Anarchist would say this (considering that the person typing this is indeed an Anarchist.). An Anarchist is not always someone who supports Anarchy in fact, most Anarchist refuse to be apart of an Anarchy due to the lack of control and respect that the society itself shows. We do not believe in chaos or breaking rules that are crucial to keeping us safe.  Anarchist define themselves as people who care enough not to follow the US Governments rules and this is why…. In america we are said to have freedom of speech, the right to protest, and the right to bare arms.  But, Anarchist usually don’t have any of those rights.  When we rally outside the  e courthouses or in the streets to protest we get pepper sprayed as shown in the pictures.  We get beat and bruised as shown in the pictures.  We don’t have free speech because whenever we speak up against the government this is what happens.  Anarchist do not follow US Government because of these things.  We do not have the freedom we deserve. These pictures come from the Manhattan news and is a live part of an Anarchists everyday life.  Anarchist do not believe in Anarchy, Chaos, or breaking rules.  We only believe in keeping peace and standing up for what is right.






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