Java Macaques

Java Macaques live in many places around the world.  They can survive in almost any environment and tend to get along well with other monkeys as long as they range somewhere within the Macaque family.  Growing up I always wanted a monkey and found it quiet exciting when I saw monkeys at the zoo.  Yet, I found it even more exciting when I rarely even saw them living with people around Oak Hill, West Virginia (the town where I grew up.). After moving to Indiana my mother and I became very fascinated with the idea of owning a monkey.  So we began to look online.  A few times we encountered scam artists who wanted us to send 8,000 dollars over the internet or western union.  Eventually we encountered a lady named Debra Smalley and her husband who not only bred monkeys but also walabees, cougars, kangaroos, and other interesting animals.  We decided to give her a call.  Debra lives in Silver Lake, Indiana and sells Java Macaques for around 4,800 dollars to 5,600 dollars.  After contacting her we arranged to get a monkey.  When arriving there she showed us around the whole place.  We payed for our monkey and signed a receipt.  After 5 months we decided to get another monkey.  Again we turned to Debra and payed the same amount as the last monkey.  Java’s make great pets yet they have to wear diapers and drink from bottles and constantly be out to run.  You can not keep them caged up.  We now own two monkeys named Makiaha and Willy.

IMG_0223IMG_0992 IMG_0994

debra’s information in down here
7014 West Yant St
Silver Lake, IN 46982