Today,  Nov. 20th 2014 President Obama plans to legalize the Immigrants that have come to the US illegally. President Obama tends to get rid of immigration laws with his power of Amnesty.  Today Obama plans to announce his new plan to protect millions of undocumented illegal immigrants in the US.  He claims he is able to do this without congress due to his amnesty of executive order. After his announcement on Thursday he plans to hold a big celebration Friday, Nov, 21st in Vegas.

Obama allows people who are willing to vote for him into the US even if they break the laws.  But when it comes to anarchists who won’t vote he shows no mercy.  All the immigrants should be allowed into the US but not if they are wanting to come illegally.  illegal immigrant children get free college education when some of us who work very hard through high school can’t even get even money to pay for college.

Most US citizens believe that Obama has done so awful things.  But most people believe that this was the worst of the worst things he has ever done.  According to the Washington post the president is using the legallization of illegal immigrants to gain more votes for democrats himself.  According to over 2,600 people who voted in 2012 were illegal immigrants and they all voted democrat.

Is Obama really ruining the United States for his own benefits or is he just trying to help mankind.  Comment your opinion below.

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Unnamed poem by: Stephony Burghduff

A child; born into a world of hurt, where no one understands.                                                                                                               She takes her sketchbook opening it to a brand new page and draws the worlds cold hands.

Each finger stands for every year of hell she has endured.                                                                                                                         While each and every line she makes adds several several more.

The nail upon each year of hell are the people who’ve caused her pain.                                                                                            But each nail is painted red to show their hidden vein.

She draws a little diamond ring upon the middle finger.                                                                                                                            It symbolizes people stone like hearts; their kindness very meager.

There’s nothing else she wishes to live for, but her feeling remain unspoken.                                                                                  She closes her sketchbook hoping that one day the world will see her heart and the way it has been broken.