Food Not Bombs!

“Food Not Bombs” is an non-profit anarchist organization that protests war and poverty not only in the United States but all over the world.  This group tends to only serve vegetarian meals and tends to call needed attention towards homelessness.  “Foods Not Bombs” was founded in 1980 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  While the people who participate in it now do not fully know the main person who started it they do know that a group of anti-nuclear activists started this program in an attempt to show the United States their wrong doing when it was discriminating against the homeless.

When the 1990’s came along “Food Not Bombs” had grown tremendously  and had already started 4 International groups in the US. alone.  By October 2011 more than 400 smaller groups and 16 International groups had been created all over the world.  Today many Anarchists are trying to show the whole world what “Food Not Bombs” has not only done for the homeless people across the world but what it has also done to open the hearts and minds of the people who participate in this organization.  “Food not Bombs” encourages people to help everyone in anyway they can instead of fighting and losing control of who they are and who they can be when they decide to help.

Go to these sites for more information:

664_1000_movement_painting_hphoto by keith McHenery

food not bombs im carrotThe original food not bombs banner/sign.


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