We Are Not What You Think

Anarchist are considered Dangerous and disastrous people. We are consider rule breakers and “problem creators”.  But are we really? Those who claim all these things about Anarchist are being biased (unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something).

Anarchist like many other people have their good sides and their bad sides.  We are not bad just because we are Anarchist; we are bad because we are human.  Anarchists are just like every other person out there.  We can be good or bad.  We can be smart or Stupid.  We can be disastrous or helpful.  But having the title Anarchist does not give us the title bad, stupid, or disastrous.

Anarchist are defined by society as people who support an anarchy (the absence of a government or otherwise defined as chaos or mayhem.)  We are assumed to want nothing but complete freedom to rule in the way we want to and while that is somewhat true it is also very much false.

Anarchist do not necessarily believe in Anarchy and we do not believe in creating chaos and doing whatever we please without consequences.  Anarchist defined by an Anarchist would be a person who wants nothing but freedom to live without getting beat down in the streets for protesting or for not supporting the way the US. Government works.  We want to be able to be recognized as people who won’t stand for violence even though we are made out to be bombers and terrorists.

In order to read more about the different types of anarchist, and to read more about what an anarchist is and the misconception we are given go to www.seesharppress.com/anarchismwhatis.html


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